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Male cuckoo on a branch

What are the best YouTube channels for people who enjoy bird and nature watching? Here’s what we found – a wide variety of bird and wildlife videos, created by some very dedicated and knowledgeable enthusiasts. Whether you’re a serious twitcher or just enjoy watching the birds in your back garden, there’s something for everyone here.

Greg’s Wildlife

Where you site your bird feeders makes a huge difference to the number and variety of bird species that visit your garden. Greg from Greg’s Wildlife shows just how much this matters when he moves his feeders from an unsheltered part of the garden to somewhere where nearby bushes offer plenty of cover – the change is incredible.

A science and nature enthusiast who also happens to love frogs, Greg is determined to make his back garden more attractive to wildlife. Join him as he shares his rewilding journey and do take a moment to tune into ‘frogwatch 2021’ – frogs aren’t birds, but they really are quite fascinating creatures!

Wild Your Garden With Joel Ashton

Digging a small wildlife pond in your garden is one of the best things you can do to attract wildlife, including birds, to your garden. Joel from Wild Your Garden with Joel Ashton shows you how. His very handy timelapse video takes you through every stage of construction, from marking out, through digging, lining, and filling.

With over 15 years experience in designing and building wildlife gardens, Joel is your go-to source for nature gardening know-how. Check out his awesome interview with David Attenborough, and discover what the nation’s favourite wildlife broadcaster does to encourage wildlife to his garden.

My Birding Year

How well do you know your garden birds? From robins to long-tailed tits; from goldfinches to dunnocks, My Birding Year offers superb footage of the full flock of UK birds you’re likely to see in your garden.

In fact, My Birding Year is a real treasure trove for beginner and improver birdwatchers, with plenty of informative content to interest the more experienced twitchers too. Learn to identify the call of the common swift or the lapwing; get the facts on the European robin; and definitely do watch the video of wood pigeons raising their chicks.

A Shot of Wildlife

The European or common crane is the tallest bird you’ll see in the UK, says Liam over at A Shot of Wildlife. They used to visit the UK but only began to breed here again in 1978, after a gap of 400 years. Here you’ll find excellent footage of the original Norfolk flock which still thrives today.

Liam Smith has a degree in zoology, has worked for wildlife rescue, and now works in biodiversity and wildlife education. His videos are fun, info-packed, and his enthusiastic approach to wildlife reportage is infectious. You’ll love his video about how to feed an orphaned baby pigeon using a latex glove, an elastic band and a baby bottle.

Maurice Baker

If you’d like to find out how some birds change colour without molting, a visit to Maurice Baker’s YouTube Channel provides the answer you’re looking for. This Shrewsbury-based nature enthusiast really is a great source of information for all your UK bird-related questions.

Maurice brings you lots of wonderful footage of birds and the native wildlife in his home county of Shropshire. Do take a look at Maurice’s video of the Great Spotted Woodpeckers nesting in an old ash tree opposite his house – it’s wonderful stuff.

Espen Helland

How would you like some expert pointers on photographing birds in the wild? If so, Espen Helland’s YouTube video is the one for you. He says, instead of thinking first about the bird you’re targeting, it’s a good idea to consider the rest of the shot – what kind of foreground and background are you looking for?

As well as providing great technical advice, Espen’s channel offers a wonderful opportunity to view the birds and other wildlife of the spectacular Scottish Highlands. Join him as he spends a magical morning at RSPB Fowlsheugh, Scotland, filming guillemot, razorbill, puffin, kittiwake and herring gulls – the footage is exceptional.

KG’s Photography

“All good things come to those who wait,” says Keith at KG’s Photography. “And I waited, waited and waited some more and then it came!!” What? A wild barn owl! A wonderful capture, there’s some great video to prove it, including some lovely stills of the bird at rest and in flight.

Keith is Passionate about UK wildlife and nature photography. He says: “Come and join my adventures and follow my tips and tricks on photography and editing.” Join him as he explores focus settings for wildlife photography.

Paul Dinning

A kestrel hovering and hunting on the spectacular coastal cliffs of Cornwall is just one of the many bird watching delights on offer at Paul Dinning’s YouTube Channel. There’s also an amazing murmuration of starlings, incredible closeups of a bald eagle and much more.

A man with a great sense of humour, Paul also produces videos for cats to watch – that’s to say films of mice and, yes, birds. Love the sound of birdsong to help you relax and unwind? Checkout Paul’s video ‘eight hours of beautiful British birdsong’ to listen to along with the footage to watch.

Graham Barker

Peregrine falcons roosting high on the spire of St Mary’s church in Northamptonshire are a highlight of YouTuber Graham Barker’s channel. Watch the superb footage of both adult birds and young fledglings as Graham describes the differences in the markings of adult and juvenile birds.

A man with a genuine love of the natural world, Graham’s passion for birds comes through in his films, making them inspiring and full of useful information. For a flavour of Graham’s work, do take a look at his video, five nests, two men, and one wood.

Stewart Abbott, A Wild Life

Join Stewart Abbott as he makes an early morning pilgrimage to record the dawn chorus at Ladybower Wood, one of the last remaining ancient upland oakwoods in the Peak District. A mossy and atmospheric spot, it’s a cold morning and steep terrain, but well worth watching, not least for Stewart’s engaging and informative commentary.

“I love making films, watching & protecting wildlife. If I can inspire anyone else to get out and enjoy the wild side of life then that’s a bonus,” says Stewart. His YouTube Channel, A Wild Life is full of interest. Check out his search for dipper on the River Derwent – wonderful stuff.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of some of the best YouTube accounts focusing on birds and wildlife. Have we missed one of your favourite channels? Do please let us know so that we can include it in a future piece. 

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