Play Happy Beaks Bird Bingo!

Happy Beaks Bird Bingo
Play Bird Bingo for Free

Happy Beaks bird bingo is a fun way to enjoy watching wild birds in your garden or local area. Simply download your set of four free bingo cards to get started.

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There are lots of ways to play:

  • Challenge yourself to spot as many different wild birds as possible while waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • Get the kids involved in a bird hunt at your local park.
  • Play traditional rules – first to get a line or full house wins.
  • Set a timer and see who can spot the most birds on their card in 5 minutes.
  • Laminate the cards and use them on long car journeys.
  • Choose a card and see how many of the birds you can tempt into your garden in a week.

Six tips to attract more birds to your garden

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  1. Keep your bird feeders topped up with high quality bird food all year round. 
  2. Provide a clean supply of water. 
  3. Plant bird-friendly flowers, shrubs and trees – crab apples are a particular favourite. 
  4. Add nest boxes and roosting pockets. 
  5. Give bird feeders a regular clean to prevent the spread of disease.  
  6. Protect visiting birds from predatory cats. 

Helpful resources:

For information and advice on attracting birds to your garden, browse the Happy Beaks blog.  If you join the Happy Beaks Club you’ll also get regular tips, special offers and product discounts.


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